Product Listing Services – Amazon, Flipkart

Searching for a trusted partner to have your product listing?

Legal Window creates an engaging and SEO-optimized product listing that leads to increased sales.

We offer a comprehensive approach to listing the products. Whether, it is Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc., ensure your products are visible to the target audience.

Our key features of product listing services

  • Customized product description: We offer customized product descriptions that raise unique brand voice, and highlight key features of the product to engage with the audience so that we can drive conversions and sales.
  • SEO Optimization: We create the product description with relevant keywords and phrases so that whenever the users search for that specific product and service your website comes at the top. We make the product description SEO-friendly.
  • Engaging copywriting: Engaging copywriting services is an effective way to engage with audiences. We create engaging copywriting that captures attention, builds trust and credibility, drives actions, and evokes emotions.
  • Clear and concise formatting: We ensure that products are listed in a clear and concise format so that customers find it easy to understand the products, features, and usage. We work on improving the readability to the users and providing an effortless experience.
    It will also improve your SEO performance, as a website that is well organized and in an easy format is most likely to come first.
  • High-quality imagery: We create high-quality pictures that are eye-catching. Images are most commonly used to attract users. The pictures showcase our product in visual form, and users can see what the visual representation of the product is and what they can expect.

Key elements of a product listing page

  • Category name: We categorize the products according to their types so that users can easily navigate the product and enhance their shopping experience. 
    We provide you with the relevant keywords that the customers are using for searching on search engines. This will help you to use the correct and effective keyword for that product and service.

  • Product Image: Images are the most productive way to attract our users towards the product and give a visual representation of the product and what they can expect. We create pictures that have eye-catching and aesthetic forms.

  • Product Description: It includes detailed information about the product such as product name, price, color, usage, benefits, steps to use, category, material, etc.

  • Filters and facets: The page consists of features to filter the product according to the customer's need such as filtering it by price, colour, material, etc.

  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs provide the users with the path that has been taken by them to reach a certain page. Helps to navigate the path easily.

Types of product listing services we offer

Amazon product listing

Advance your online sales through a listing of products on Amazon. works on product title, description, backend keywords, and features to improve visibility among the target audience and results in converting into sales.

eBay product listing

This is to make you stand out on eBay product listing. We develop high-quality descriptions to attract more audiences and increase sales.

Shopify product listing:

Our team ensures that your product is listed professionally on Shopify. Development of detailed and persuasive content as a description that highlights special features and benefits of products.

Multiple product listing:

Want to sell your products on multiple platforms? If yes, contact us now since we optimize on online marketplace that ensure consistency across all channels.