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Signing Of Financial Statement Of Company Under Companies Act, 2013

The Financial Statement is the important document of the company which is required to be prepare in every financial year and audited by the auditors of the company. The Financial Statement provides an overview of the company’s assets, Liabilities and shareholders’ equity. The Financial Statement is required to prepare so…
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What is the Documents Requirement for Director KYC?

A company is an artificial person which gets acted and represented by the appointed members to act upon on behalf of the company. According to Tesco Supermarket ltd. Vs. Nattrass – “A living person has a mind which can have knowledge or intentions and he has hands to carry out…
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Taxation Rules Applicable on seafarers in India

A seafarer – is any traveler via seas, classifying their work based on the rank or type of job as merchant navy, navy worker or mariner in a boat or ship. A seafarer holds vary of ranks and position on water-born vessel and helps the crew member with their allotted…
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Brief Overview of Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Compliances

Non-Banking Financial Company is a financial institution having activities that are similar to bank and provides banking services without requiring holding a banking license. NBFC’s in India are supervised and regulated by Reserve Bank of India. Thus it’s mandatory for such company to obtain a certificate of registration from RBI…
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Key Compliances for the Month of October 2021

It is crucial for every business, irrespective of the business structure to adhere to the statutory compliance and complete all the necessary filings before the due dates. It is important to stay compliant with enormous compliance falling in the year for businesses and entrepreneurs. The Government and concerned Government Departments…
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