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How to apply for Hallmark Registration?

In India, jewelry has a very different value and sentiment for people. Jewelry adds glory and enhances one’s beauty as it has jewels and precious metals like gold etc. It further symbolizes power, wealth, and status. However, before buying jewelry, the customer needs to be cautious in terms of its…
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All About different types of Share Capital- A Complete Analysis

Share capital is liable for the running of a business and functioning smoothly. Its vital role in the structure of a limited company and the development of its reputation in the market. So, every individual before investing must know the different types of share capital. Further, share capital helps in…
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A Brief Overview of FSSAI Registration for Retailers

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) is the supreme authority responsible for the safety and hygiene of food articles. This authority regulates and supervises the food business. Further, it is mandatory for all food businesses to take FSSAI Registration before starting their business. As the safety of…
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All you need to know about Form MGT-7A

  Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 5th March 2021 amend Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014, and issued Companies (Management and Administration) Amendment Rules, 2021. These amendments were issued and approved via a notification issued in the official Gazette. So according to them, the new annual return filing form MGT-7A…
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How to Surrender Trademark Registration?

Trademark is a special symbol, design, mark, or any name which is used by any proprietor or company. A person or entity can use the marks if he has trademark registration as per Trade Mark Act, 1999. Trademark registration is a voluntary act of the person who wants to use…
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