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Introduction of GST Return Filing Service

Goods and Service Tax came into effect from 1st July, 2017. GST is the most buzzing word all over the country since it came into existence. GST Registration is being applicable to specified entities having certain criteria. Once you get the GST Registration it becomes mandatory to file the GST Return and follow the compliances.

GST returns is a document in which every registered dealer provide the required details to concerned Tax Authorities in a set format prescribed by the Government. It contains various details regarding total turnover, purchases, tax collected on sales (output tax), and tax paid on purchases (input tax) of supplier under Goods and Services Act etc.

These GST returns are required to be filed in a prescribed format and in a prescribed time frame because as we know GST reduces the cascading effect of Tax in a chain so the returns are also to be filed properly by every dealer in that chain so that the tax authorities can reconcile the transaction timely and provide the GST credit to each authorized dealer timely.

Legal Window can help you with the filing of GST Returns for any kind of supplier or entity just by following certain steps by providing the best assistance, timely delivery and guaranteeing the highest customer satisfaction You may get in touch with our team on 072407-51000 or email

Advantages of GST Return Filing service in Jaipur

Avail Input Tax credit

If supplier files its return properly then it becomes easy for suppliers to take input tax credit. Input credit means at the time of paying tax on output to the government, supplier can reduce the tax that it had paid on inputs.

Avoid penalty

Timely filling of GST Returns allows supplier to avoid late fee and penalties and letter from Department.

Higher Compliance Rating 

GST Network has introduced a new mechanism whereby the registered entities are rated as per the regularity in filing of returns and documents. The ratings are displayed on the website which is beneficial for the entities.

Document Required for GST Return Filing Service in Jaipur

Login Credentials :
GST ID and Password

Details of Purchase

  • Purchase made from Registered person
  • Purchase made from Unregistered person
  • Receive goods liable for Reverse charge

Details of supply

  • Outward supply to Registered person
  • Outward supply to Unregistered person
  • Exempt sale

DSC in case of company

Types of Dealers and Returns

S.noType of DealerApplicable GST ReturnParticulars
1.Regular DealerGSTR-1Details of outward supplies of taxable goods and/or services or Sales transaction in a tax period to registered and unregistered dealers. To be filed monthly by taxpayers having the total annual turnover above 1.5 crores else to be filed quarterly by rest taxpayers.
  GSTR-2ADetails of inward supplies of taxable goods and/or services from a registered dealer during a tax period in an auto populated format. Details filled in GSTR1 will be shown in GSTR 2A to respective dealers.
  GSTR 2This is the return used for reporting the purchases during the tax period and inputs will be taken from GST 2A , however this return can be edited likewise for purchase return and submitted monthly. This return is suspended since application of GST.
  GSTR-3BThis is the most useful and popular GST return since the inception of GST in India. Self-Explanatory Return in which summary of outward supplies along with Input Tax Credit is declared and payment of tax is affected by taxpayer.
  GSTR 9This is also called as Annual return of GST. It contains all the business transactions during an accounting year consolidating the data of all GST returns filed during the year. It a compilation of whole data in one place i.e. all the sales and purchase transactions made and taxability under the respective heads i.e. IGST, CGST and SGST. This also contains any amendments or adjustments made in returns showing the overall picture of GST on business.
  GSTR 9CThis form is applicable on auditable entities under GST. This statement filed by the company having turnover more than 2 crores and auditable under Income tax Act 1961. This is reconciliation between the turnover filed under 2 Acts.
  GSTR 10This statement is called as Final return in GST. This Final return has to be filed compulsorily within 3 months from the date of cancellation of GSTN. It means this return is to be filed only on the event of cancellation or surrender of GSTN. This contains information about the closing stock held on that GSTN , the GST will be calculated on closing stock and tax will be paid and that statement must be certified by a CA in practice.
2.Composition DealerGSTR-4/CMP-08Return for a taxpayer registered under the composition levy, the dealers who opted for composition scheme having a turnover less than 1.5 crores and to be filed quarterly.
  GSTR 9AThis is the form of Annual return of the composition dealers. This form contains all the data from quarterly returns filed by the taxpayers.
3Tax DeductorsGSTR 7Monthly TDS Return filed by the taxpayers required to deduct TDS and paid off the liability. Mostly Govt Departments have taken this Reg in order to deduct the TDS of suppliers on tender amount and provide them TDS certificate in Form 7A.
4Input Service DistributorsGSTR 6Monthly Returns to be filed by Input Service Distributor (ISD) in order to distribute the Credits received. It contains all the information regarding the manner of credit received and distributed.
5E-Commerce OperatorsGSTR 8Monthly returns to be filed by the E-Commerce operators required to deduct TCS of the dealers operating on online platform. TCS@1% to be deduct on supplies made through the given platform.
  GSTR 9BAnnual Return for the E-Commerce dealers who deduct the TCS of dealers for ex. Amazon. In this statement they are required to file the total outward supplies from their platform during the year less the supplies returned and total TCS collected from the dealers on their respective GSTN.
6UN Bodies/EmbassyGSTR 11This is a special type of return for some specified class of persons who are not liable for tax in Indian law exp. Foreign diplomats and foreign embassies. They are allocated a Unique Idenfication No. (UIN) on registration, with this UIN they are eligible to claim the refund of GST paid by them in India. This statement contains all the inwards supplies received and GST refund claimed on that.
7Non-Resident TaxpayersGSTR 5All the foreign nationals who are doing business in India and did not get a permanent establishment here are eligible for a temporary registration under GST. For the tenure they did business in India they are liable to file a GST return in form GSTR 5 containing all the supplies sold and purchased during the time in India.

Procedure of GST Return Filing Service in Jaipur

1. Complete the Application Form
You are requested to first fill the simple questionnaire provided by our expert team which will enable us to know the return filing status of GST.

2. Document Processing
At the second step you will be required to produce the documents in accordance with the questionnaire filled based upon which case will be dealt so that we can arrange them as per the requirement and for further processing.

3. Preparation of form filing
After arranging the documents we will begin with the processing of the purchase and sale bills for the month/quarter and account them and prepare the respective form.

4. Submission of the GST Return
After verification of all the data provided, the professional will discuss the matter with the clients and after the approval will file the GST Return on the GST Portal.

5. Information to Client
After submitting all the documents, the acknowledgement will be provided to the client via mail.

Legal Window always ensures that all the returns are filed in due course of time. It is recommended to provide the data before 7 days of the due date so that our team can file the return without errors and on time.

GST Calender

GST Return

Due Date




11th of next month (Turnover above 1.5 crores)

Last day of month of succeeding quarter (turnover up to 1.5 crores)

Rs.200 per day ( 100 per day for CGST and 100 per day for SGST)



Auto Populated ( No need to file.)




20th 22nd 24th of next month

(Dates as per states)

Rs.100 per day ( 50 per day for CGST and 50 per day for SGST) max to 10000 for a month.



18th of month of succeeding quarter

Rs.100 per day ( 50 per day for CGST and 50 per day for SGST) max to 10000 for a month.



20th of next month

Rs.200 per day ( 100 per day for CGST and 100 per day for SGST)



13th of succeeding month

Rs.100 per day ( 50 per day for CGST and 50 per day for SGST) max to 10,000 for a month.



10th of succeeding month

Rs.200 per day ( 100 per day for CGST and 100 per day for SGST)



10th of succeeding month

Rs.200 per day ( 100 per day for CGST and 100 per day for SGST)



31st of December of next financial year

Rs.200 per day ( 100 per day for CGST and 100 per day for SGST) Max- 0.50% of total turnover.



31st of December of next financial year

Rs.200 per day ( 100 per day for CGST and 100 per day for SGST)

Max- 0.50% of total turnover.



Within 3 months of dates of cancellation or order whichever is earlier

Rs.100 per day ( 50 per day for CGST and 50 per day for SGST) Max to 10,000.

*These dates are subject to change according to the official notification from central Government

* In case of Nil return the penalty will reduce to Rs 20 as per CGST and Rs20 as per SGST.

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FAQ's on GST Return Filing service in Jaipur

Can I take input Tax credit without filling GST return?

No, to take Credit of your input tax paid you surely have to submit GSTR 3B consisting your taxable purchase and sale.

If I filled GSTR-1 with all my sale details than why do I need to file GSTR-3B also?

GSTR-3B consist all detail of supply and purchase made by you during a month that helps you to take claim of Input Tax credit (ITC).

I have turnover of 2 crore, can I file GSTR-1 quarterly?
No, GSTR-1 can be filed quarterly only if turnover is up to 1.5 crore otherwise it has to be monthly
Can we adjust the tax paid on reverse charge mechanism against the input ITC available?
No, the tax to be paid on reverse charge is to be paid in cash.
What are the modes of payment of Tax?

There are 2 modes of payment of outward liabilities:

  • Electronic credit ledger- ITC claimed in GSTR 3B.
  • Electronic cash ledger- Payment made in cash.
Is it compulsory to file GSTR 10 after my GSTN is showing as cancelled on GST portal?
Final return is to be filed compulsorily in every case whether you have surrendered your GSTN or it has been cancelled by tax authorities.
Whether we need to file the GST returns after filing the cancellation but not approved by dept. ?
Ideally on the date we close the business , we are not liable to file the GST returns after that date but in a special case when the cancellation application has been disapproved by tax authorities after 2-3 months then in that case we need to file the returns for that particular period with penalty so it is advised to file GST returns till your GSTN cancellation application has been approved by Tax authorities.
Who needs to file GSTR-1?

Supplier of Goods and Services needs to file the return called GSTR-1 that consists details of its supply to registered and unregistered dealers.

Can I file GSTR-3B quarterly?

No, GSTR-3B can be file monthly only. GSTR-1 can filed quarterly.

Can I revise GSTR-3B?

It is not possible to revise GSTR-3B once filed. But Government has now allowed to \'Reset GSTR 3B\' through which the status of \'Submitted\' will be changed to \'Yet to be Filed\', and all the details filled in the return will be available for editing.

If I do not claim ITC on expenses incurred in a month, can I claim it in next month?
Ideally, ITC for the current month should be claimed in the current month return. But in case by mistake you did not claim in current month , you can claim the ITC upto Sept month of next FY. However you need to inform this adjustments in GSTR 9.
What is GST challan?
GST tax payment will be made on the GSTN portal through a challan.
Please provide the detail regarding GSTR-9. Is a GSTR-9 is applicable after the cancellation of GSTN ?
As per the provisions of Section 44(1) of the CGST Act, every registered person is required to file GSTR-9. Thus, even if the status of the taxpayer is unregistered as on last day of FY but was registered anytime between that year, he is required to file GSTR-9 for the period during which he was registered.