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GST Registration



  • Services Providers having 20 lakh turnover
  • Goods Suppliers having 40 lakh turnover
  • Voluntary Registrations
  • Composition Registration
  • Beneficial as provides Input Tax Credit

FSSAI Registration



  • Applicable for Food Business Operators
  • Registration, State and Central Licence
  • Applicability as per certain criteria
  • License Validity ( 1-5 yrs.)
  • Enhances Credibility in market

Partnership Registration



  • Suitable for medium-sized business
  • Start with minimum of 2 partners
  • Unlimited Liability of Partners
  • Can be registered or unregistered
  • Less Compliances

Import & Export Code



  • Applicable for Imports/Exports
  • Any type of Entity can take IEC
  • The validity of IEC: Lifetime
  • Various Govt. Scheme Benefits
  • No Post Compliance

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Legal Window provides cost-effective solutions, ensuring that accessing legal expertise doesn\'t strain your finances.

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Your privacy and security are prioritized with us, which ensures sensitive information remains confidential.

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We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction, providing reliable and effective legal services to meet your needs.

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The platform boasts a team of skilled CA/CS who bring their expertise to address your legal concerns effectively.

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Legal Window offers top-notch advisory services, providing valuable guidance to navigate through complex legal matters.

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Transparency is key at Legal Window, with a commitment to providing services without any hidden fees, ensuring clarity in financial transactions.

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