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Introduction of TDS Return Filing

Tax deduction at source is a way of collecting tax on income, dividends or asset sale, before filling of income tax return by requiring the payer to deduct tax liable and the income of payee before paying the amount to the payee. In India, under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, income tax must be deducted at source according to the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Legal Window will help you in TDS Return Filing on time so that your employee and for the persons whom TDS have been deducted can take the proper input in their form 26AS. You may get in touch with our team on 072407-51000 or email for TDS Working.

Eligibility for TDS Return Filing

An Individuals or an H.U.F. is only liable to deduct the TDS if they are carrying business and profession and where accounts are required to be audited u/s 44AB of the income tax act in the immediately preceding financial year 

All the companies and Partnership firms are liable to deduct TDS.

Documents Required for TDS Return Filing

Tax payment challans

PAN card

TDS deduction details including PAN number of deductees 

Proper information and section in which TDS is deducted.

Procedure of TDS Return Filing

1. Complete the Questionnaire
We will provide a questionnaire which is required to be filled by you in which we will sought the basic details and documents pertaining to the Filing of TDS Returns.

2. Review of the documents
All the documents provided to us and the questionnaire will help us to process further for preparation of return.

3. Filing of TDS Return
We will file further send you the provisional return for your verification and will file your TDS return before the due date and protect you from any penalty after its duly confirmed and validated from your side.

4. Acknowledgment
We will further inform you after filling your TDS Return and also provide you the acknowledgment.

Additional Information

Due Date for filing TDS Return

Tax periodDue date
1 April to 30 June31 July
1 July to 30 September31 October
1 October to 31 December31 January
1 January to 31 March31 May

Due Date of Payment of TDS

Due Date for payment of tax is 7th of next month For example: Tax for the month of April is 7th may

Late filing fees/ Penalty

As per section 234E Penalty for non-filling of  TDS Return is Rs 200 per day from the due date until the return is filed. Penalty levied on daily basis and maximum penalty is up to the TDS amount that you are supposed to pay as a TDS.

Non filling of Return

If assessee does not files TDS return under 1 year after the due date applicable or furnish incorrect information then he shall be liable for penalty which shall not be less than Rs. 10000 but extend to Rs. 1,00,000.

TDS Forms

  • Form 24Q: Quarterly statement for tax deducted at source from "Salaries"
  • Form 26Q: Quarterly statement of tax deducted at source in respect of all payments other than "Salaries"
  • Form 27Q: Quarterly statement of deduction of tax from interest, dividend or any other sum payable to non-residents
  • Form 27EQ: Quarterly statement of collection of tax at source

TDS Certificate

TDS certificates have to be issued by the person deducting TDS to the assessee from whose income TDS has been deducted while making the payment to payee.
Particulars Form No. Frequency of Certificate
TDS certificate in respect of tax deducted on salary Form No. 16 Annually
TDS certificate in respect of tax deducted on payments other than salary Form No. 16A Quarterly
TCS certificate Form No. 27D Quarterly

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FAQs on TDS Return Filing

Who can file TDS return?

TDS return can be filed by employers or organizations who deduct the tax and have a valid Tax Collection and Deduction Account Number (TAN).

What happens if TDS is not reflected in 26AS?

If the TDS of payee is deducted but it does not reflect in your Form 26AS, you may not be able to claim the tax credit. That means, TDS is deducted from your income, but the deductor has not deposited it with the government. Therefore, the tax credit is not reflected in your Form 26AS.

Is TDS paid monthly?

Yes, TDS payment should be done on or before 7th of next month.

What happens if employer doesn’t give Form 16?

If employer fails to issue form 16 it possibly have to pay penalty of Rs 100 per day until the certificate is issued.

Is there any time limit in which we can revise TDS return?

As per the Income Tax Act, There is no time limit prescribed for revision of TDS return, means you can revise TDS return any time. However, it could have an impact on credit already claimed on the basis of previous filed returns

What is the TDS certificate?

Every person Deducting Tax at Source (TDS) is required to issue a certificate to the payee (a person to whom money is paid or is to be paid) to the effect that tax has been deducted along with certain other particulars. This certificate is called TDS certificate.

Is PAN mandatory?

Yes for TDS filling PAN is required from deductee. But if deductee does not have PAN card then the transaction liable for TDS should taxed at higher rate of 20%.

Is any interest levied on nonpayment of TDS?

Non-payment or late payment of TDS will attract interest of 1.5% p.m until the tax has not been deposited.

Can I revise my TDS Return?

Yes, if you furnish wrong or incorrect details under TDS return than you can ratify it by filling revise TDS return.

Can I take refund of TDS without filling TDS return?

No, you can’t take TDS refund without filling TDS return.