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Members of self-governing professions are expected to bear legal and ethical responsibility for their work and to prioritize the interests of the public and society. One of the most important aspects of the profession is adhering to strong standards of behavior while upholding strict ethical and moral commitments. The (CS) Company Secretary Services in Jaipur (hereinafter referred to as "CS"), who is subject to a severe code of conduct in the self-regulated system, is seen by regulators as an ethical and trustworthy professional whose professional judgment and competence have left a mark on the corporate sector.

Who is Company Secretary by Profession?

The Companies Act, 2013 specifically maintains the requirement for a Company Secretary in both private and public companies. The contemporary company secretary’s responsibilities have expanded from being a "note taker" at board meetings or an "administrative employee of the board" to a much larger role of "advisor to the board" and accountability for the organization’s operations and corporate governance.

The position of Company Secretary (CS) is one of the most important in a company. A qualified Company Secretary is in charge of the legal elements of a firm or single proprietorship. A CS is in charge of maintaining and reviewing the company’s tax returns, preserving records, informing the board of directors on the company’s financial health, and ensuring compliance with legal and statutory rules. To be able to perform as a Company Secretary ship professionally, an individual must finish professional training and pass tests.

The Company Secretaries profession is regulated and maintained by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Thousands of aspiring Company Secretaries are trained and educated by the ICSI. There are currently about 65,000 members.

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Role of Company Secretary in Jaipur

The company secretary (CS) is an important component who must carry out his duties with care. He must ensure that all corporate operations conform to all legal standards, in addition to working as a legal mentor; otherwise, he may be held liable for wrongdoing and dismissed for deception or violating the company’s legal rights. The secretary serves as a vital link between the organization and its owners, board of directors, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders.

  • To initiate and carry out incorporation procedures, such as authenticating papers and registration processes.
  • Ensuring that allotment and registration information is delivered to the registrar
  • Compliance with the Act Board
  • Applying for a share capital increase and monitoring the delivery of allocation share certificates
  • Maintaining a list of share warrant holders
  • Keeping detailed minutes of all board and general meetings
  • Following the law and filing yearly returns
  • To get the beginning certificate, the statutory declaration must be released.
  • Additional Act-mandated tasks, such as alerting the

  • Keeping track of the mandatory books
  • Meeting updates and general meeting announcements are distributed to all members of non-banking financial entities.
  • Making certain that the company meets all required secretarial standards
  • Financial statements and reports must be authenticated and signed (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements)
  • Within 30 days, file a resolution with the registrar.
  • To carry out other obligations as specified by the Companies Act
  • To confirm and submit attested returns and forms; to supervise the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) authentication and filing process; to ensure that the correct amount of TDS is deducted from employees’ salaries; to ensure that TDS reports are kept up to date, and to ensure that TDS is properly submitted to the government.

Qualification necessary to become a Company Secretary (CS)

According to Section 2(24) of the Companies Act, 2013, a Company Secretary must follow specific regulations imposed by the Indian Government from time to time. In addition, a CS must satisfy the qualifications established in the Companies (Secretary’s Qualifications) Rules of 1975.

If the company has a paid-up capital of 50 lakhs, the Company Secretary must be a member of the ICSI – Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

If a Private Limited Company has a paid-up capital of 50 lakhs, the Secretary must be a member of the ICSI – Institute of Secretaries of India. The Secretary must fulfill one or more of the requirements, be a member of the ICSI, and have a legal degree from a respectable university. a member of the Indian Institute of Cost and Works Accountants, a postgraduate degree in Commerce from a reputable institution, and a Company Law Diploma from any India Law Institute.

How can a Company Secretary in Jaipur assist you?

Corporate Benefactor: Company Secretary

A secretary is given specific rights under the Companies Act, such as the ability to promote and incorporate companies, handle company certification and audit services, sign annual returns, handle corporate restructuring and takeovers, transparently scrutinise voting and reporting procedures, administer revival of sick companies, join the Company Law Tribunal as a technical member, and investigate taxation and other criminal cases.

Auditor of the Company Secretary

The Secretarial Service audit checklist empowers a secretary to annex a Secretarial Audit Report to the officials in the form of MR-3 to ensure that the company follows the procedures outlined in general laws and legal acts, as well as to report any offensive matters of fraud discovered to the government. This is done to guarantee business compliance and legal discipline.

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Importance of Company Secretary (CS) in Jaipur

A Company Secretary is an essential component of every company, ensuring that all legal obligations are met. Despite having a high rank equivalent to that of a corporation’s director, it is a member of the workforce. It is usually the sole employee in the firm that has advising authority. In essence, the recommendations of the Company Secretary are followed and used to carry out critical activities and create company policy. As a result, he is the only outsider allowed to attend the board meeting. It must be an ICSI member or have other appropriate qualifications. Need the assistance of the Company Secretary?? Connect to Legal Window and get your queries solved by our dedicated Experts.