Filing of TM-M Trademark

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Filing of TM-M Trademark

The filing of a Trademark Management-Maintenance (TM-M) occurs after the successful registration of a trademark. TM-M is a crucial step in protecting the validity of the registered trademark. Trademark owners are required to file TM-M periodically, typically between the 5th and 6th year after registration, and then at 10-year intervals thereafter. This process involves submitting a declaration of continued use or excusable non-use, along with the necessary fees. Filing TM-M trademarks ensures that it remain active, providing legal protection and maintaining their exclusivity in the marketplace. Timely submission is essential to avoid potential loss of trademark rights.

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Significance of Trademark Management-Maintenance (TM-M)

The TM-M form for trademark is a crucial document, acting like a superhero shield for your brand.  FORM TM-M have rules that has combined 22 forms in this one single form. According to the new rules, form TM-M majorly covers the commonly used applications related to:

  • Application for any amendments or correction in application – TM-16
  • Application for certified copies of documents – TM-46  
  • Application for advanced examination – TM-63
  • Divisional Application – TM-53
  • Application for extension of time – TM-56
  • Application for authorization of agent – TM-48

TM-M trademark Process

  • Verify Your Eligibility: Prior to submitting a TM-M application, make sure you have a trademark examination report that the Department of Trademark Registry has requested you provide. Additionally, if you submitted your trademark application without the assistance of an attorney, you can designate one by filing TM-M. Moreover, there exist numerous other scenarios in which TM-M might be necessary. 
  • Finalize your TM-M application: Complete the TM-M application form that the trademark office has sent you. Usually, information regarding your present trademark, the changes you wish to make, and any necessary supporting documentation are requested on this form. 
  • Application Submission: After completing the TM-M form, send it in in accordance with the trademark office’s guidelines together with the INR 900 government tm – m form fee.
  • Await Response: Your TM-M application will be reviewed by the trademark office following submission. If more information or documentation is required, they could ask for it. Depending on the workload and office, different timelines apply for review and response. 

Request for Amendment in Trademark Application

In accordance with the revised regulations, the registered owner may request any corrections or modifications to the trademark application by submitting a form TM-M to the registrar.

The following types of corrections or amendments are possible:

  • Make any corrections to the registered trademark owner’s name, address, or description.
  • Modification of the primary business address or residential address located in India.
    cancellation of a trademark’s registration in the registry.
  • To exclude products or categories of products or services from the list of products and services for which the trademark is registered.
  • To add, modify, or replace a registered user’s or registered proprietor’s address if they do not have a place of business in India.

Inclusion of a mark in list of Well-known Trademarks

Any trademark owner may submit a request in Form TM-M to the Registrar asking for the designation of a trademark as “well-known,” as per the recently implemented Rule 124. A new process has been introduced to identify well-known trademarks in accordance with Rule 124. It indicates that a trademark may be added to this list of well-known trademarks upon payment of a Rs. 1 lakh registration fee.

This process differs from the one outlined in the regulations from 2002, which involved infringement, opposition, and correction actions in order to determine whether the mark was “well-known.” Previously, the parties who might declare a trademark “well known” were the opponent or purported infringer who started the proceedings.

Certified Copies

The registrar must certify and seal any copy of any entry in the registrar’s register, as well as any documents such as notices of opposition, affidavits, rules governing the registration of collective marks or certification marks, indexes of registered trademarks, names of proprietors or registered users, etc.

Anybody can obtain certified copies of any entry in the register or of the aforementioned documents by submitting an application to the registrar using form TM-M and paying the required costs. (TM-46 in accordance with previous regulations)

Examining Documents

Public access to the Trade Mark Registry is available for documents that have been entered into the register, notices of opposition to trademark application registration, counterstatements, affidavits filed by parties, regulations governing certification marks or collective marks and any amendments to them, any indexes, and any other documents that the central government notifies.

Anybody can ask the registrar to provide certified copies of any document needed for examination by submitting an application in form TM-M and paying the relevant cost.

Application by Division

For the division of a single pending application, the applicant may submit an application using form TM-M. Upon payment of a divisional fee, the registrar may split this application into two or more distinct applications. (TM-53 in accordance with previous regulations)

Accelerated Review of an Application

Upon obtaining the official application number, the candidate may request accelerated processing of their application by submitting form TM-M along with the required cost. An application of this kind is reviewed within three months of the application date.
(TM-53 in accordance with previous regulations)


Timely filing of Trademark Management-M (TM-M) is super important to keep your registered trademarks strong. It’s not just about following the rules – it’s like putting on armor to protect your brand and make sure it stays special in the market. If you wait too long, you might lose some trademark rights, and that’s not something you want. When you file it on time, you’re being proactive and making sure your brand stays unique and well-known. If you miss the deadline, it’s like leaving your brand unprotected, and that can lead to some not-so-great consequences. Being quick and smart about filing TM-M is the secret sauce to make sure your brand stays strong and recognized for a long time.

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