How to Apply for an NGO Darpan Registration in India?

  • March 1, 2021
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This article iterates the NGO Darpan Registration Process. In India poverty percentage is about 6.5%. The computation of this figure is based on 2019, PPP International Comparison Program. According to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal Programme, 88 million people out of 1.38 Billion people Indian, roughly equal to 6.5% of India’s population, lived below the poverty line of $1.25 in 2018-2019.

The NGO-Partnership system (NGO-PS) Portal is called as the NGO-DARPAN, which empowers, all voluntary organizations and Non- Voluntary Organizations to register, to maintain the record of the data of these organizations. All voluntary or non-government organizations must be registered under Niti Ayog Schemefor receiving grants under various schemes of Ministers/Departments/Government Bodies. To achieve the ease of doing business and other social benefits that contributes to the nation building activities, a dedicated centralized portal is made available to NGO. Any organization willing to enroll with Government can do so through this program. There is a central available database for carrying out such form of enrollment.

A Brief Overview on NGO DARPAN

NGO DARPAN is a free facility provided by the NITI Aayog. It is done to help NGO and voluntary organizations to keep them updated about new government schemes as well as grants. This platform is collaboration by the NITI Aayog and the National Informatics Center. It will help build a bond between the NGO and the government. Moreover, after obtaining NGO DARPAN registration, the registration process gives NGO more accountability and creditability.

The portal which was started under the PMO has now shifted the management to the NITI Aayog, with help and guidance from the Ministry of Electronics as well as IT. After doing so the portal has become an e-governance application which helps to promote transparent and healthy relationship between the NGO & governments.

Benefits of NGO Darpan Registration in India

Following are some benefits of NGO Darpan Registration in India:

  • Helps NGOs and other volunteer organisations to interact and engage with Government departments.
  • Obtain a unique ID that helps improve the credibility and goodwill of the NGO.
  • Department and Ministry websites will coordinate with the NGO DARPAN to share vital information.
  • Enables the seamless flow of data from the government to various NGOs around the country.
  • Updated information regarding new schemes, projects, and the progress of earlier initiatives.
  • Departments will use this platform to understand more about NGOs before considering their appeals.
  • Helps in the creation of a database or repository of information regarding VOs/NGOs.

Eligibility Criteria for NGO Darpan Registration

The NGO Darpan registration can be carried out by the following organizations:

  • Non-Governmental Organization:
    An NGO under section 25 of the Companies Act can carry out the above form of activities.
  • Voluntary Organizations
    Voluntary Associations, Non-Governmental Organizations which are occupied with open administration for religious, social, financial, political, charitable or innovative contemplations.
  • Associations
    There are various types of Voluntary organizations, which can be incorporate formally and additionally, casual gatherings. It can be of group-based associations, non-administrative improvement associations, beneficent associations, bolster associations, systems or alliances of such association, and expert participation affiliations.

Documents Required for NGO Darpan registration

Following are some vital documents required at the time of NGO Darpan Registration online:

  • Submit a copy of Certificate of Registration (CoR) as a JPG or PDF.
  • Submit a PAN Card of an NGO (Non-Profit Government Organization).
  • Submit a PAN Card and Aadhar Card of three members in the executive committee.

All the details that you have to provide include:

  • PAN Card.
  • Detailed address of a proposed Non-Profit Government Organization (NGO).
  • Name of the proposed NGO (Non-Profit Government Organization) or VO (Voluntary Organization).
  • Registration Number and Registration Authority.
  • Registration date.
  • Details of 3 members who are on the executive committee.
  • Funding details from the Government and topmost area of working.

Procedure for NGO Darpan Registration

The Government has made it mandatory for all the NGO/VO organization to complete its Darpan Registration online. The NGO, before entering into registration has to have NGO certificate or Unique ID to be eligible for the FCRA registration  and to apply for the other government grants.

  • Must login at the NGO Darpan website
  • Create login ID after signing up at the website
  • Fill the contact details and the PAN card details of the organization
  • Provide the details regarding the registration
  • Provide further details, if you have multiple registrations
  • Choose and fill the achievement sector
  • You will have got the verification email with 24 hours.
  • You will get a Unique ID created for the NGO.

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An Important Thing you must remember before NGO Darpan Registration in India

  • The online portal of NGO Darpan doesn’t allow unauthorized individuals or groups to register for the NGO Darpan Scheme.
  • Also, you have to ensure before NGO Darpan Registration that the copy of Registration Certificate shall be not more than or less than 2MB to upload.
  • The password must contain one capital letter, one digit and must have more than six characters.
  • When uploading Trust Deed, an individual must upload a copy of the first page and one page with the individual’s signature.
  • To apply for government allowances, the first step for a Non-profit Government Organization is to register with the NGO Darpan and create a user id for them. After that, they can go via the links provided to find contributions/allowances/grants and get Nodal Officers’ contact details for such scheme for information.
  • This portal helps Non-profit Government Organization to know the details regarding the Government schemes and grants and apply for the same. They can also track their application status.


NGO and voluntary organizations play an important role in the development of the nation by complementing the efforts by the Government of India. This online portal facilitates NGO and voluntary organizations to enroll centrally and thus assist in creation of a storage area for information related to NGO and voluntary organizations state as well as sector wise. The Portal also facilitates NGO and voluntary organizations to obtain a system generated unique ID to be signed. The ID is compulsory to apply for grants under various schemes of Governments Bodies. If you want to Register for NGO DARPAN contact our experts at Legal Window.

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